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4 Paws Dog Application

Fabulous Flunkies are 4 Paws Dogs that were bred with the purpose to become a service dog. However, because of health or behavior reasons it was decided that these dogs could not become a service dog. These dogs are typically around a year to two years in age and have had some level of obedience and manners training, in addition to plenty of socialization! They are fully vetted including: Spay/Neuter, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and receives monthly preventatives (heartworm medication and flea/tick preventative). Breeds that become available are typically Golden Retrievers or Golden Labs. Occasionally we have other breeds such as: Labs, Golden Doodles, Standard Poodles, Newfoundland mixes, or a small breed, Papillon. 

Some common reasons why a dog can’t become a service dog, include: inappropriate barking, wanting to be in charge, lack of resource sharing with other dogs, being uncomfortable in public, or various health reasons. 4 Paws will always disclose the reason why a dog was removed from the program and will explain more in detail about the specific dog when showing the dog to their potential forever family.

Before filling out this application, please agree to the following statements: 

Your Information

Eligible applicants live within a three hour radius of 4 Paws for Ability in Xenia, OH or already be an established 4 Paws Family. If an applicant lives outside that radius, they must have someone affiliated with 4 Paws within the radius, who will agree to co-sign for the adoption and  understands the necessary potential travel responsibilities if the dog needs to return to 4 Paws. 

Dog Preferences

I am open to adopting a dog who: 

(There are listed in frequency of availablilty in descending order. Please agree to any and all characteristics you are open to considering.)

Breeds I am open to:

Home Environment

Eligible applicants must own their own home with their name on the deed. Most dogs take two-three weeks of an adjustment period after being introduced to a new household. Some dogs may still need some work on behaviors such as chewing on inappropriate items, learning the routine of the household such as where to use the bathroom, etc. 

If you own your home, it is a:

If you rent or lease your home, it is a:

For all living situations:

Family Dynamics

If you do not have children in your home, but you have children who frequent your home, please answer the following two questions:


An adopter should be prepared for the financial implications of caring for a dog. This averages to about $1500-$2,000 each year in high quality food, veterinary care and grooming. 


Fences are not required to adopt from 4 Paws. However, 4 Paws does require dogs to be exercised on leash if not in a fully confined area. 4 Paws does not view invisible fences as a safe form of confinement because they leave the dog vulnerable without a fence to keep other animals out of the yard. 

Please be aware that there are risks when taking your dog to dog parks, play dates, doggy daycare play groups, etc. The other dogs may not be friendly towards your dog, may not be up to date on vaccines, may be carrying a disease, etc. This is not a recommended 4 Paws activity and if you take part, you are doing it at your own risk and the risk of your dog. While at 4 Paws your dog has only interacted off leash with other 4 Paws dogs or temperament tested pet dogs that are friendly towards other dogs and up to date on vaccines. We limit group play dates to a maximum of 4 dogs who have similar play personalities and are monitored by a trained volunteer for each dog.

How long will the dog be home alone?

Pet History

References and Other Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting a 4 Paws Fabulous Flunky, if you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to Lynn at

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