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Volunteer Interest Form

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Volunteer with 4 Paws for Ability. Please fill out this interest form which will add you to our system. Once submitted, check your email within 24 hours for an email prompting you to take part in a virtual or onsite information session. Please be sure to check extraneous email folders if it does not appear in your main inbox. We look forward to meeting you, and if you have any questions please feel free to email !

4 Paws for Ability - Consent Form

Release for Use of Image for Promotion and Public Relations:

I hereby authorize 4 Paws to use any photographs or videos taken by 4 Paws of me for 4 Paws public relations purposes, including but not limited to use in print, on-line, and social media.

Confidentiality Agreement

I agree that I shall not, at any time during or after involvement with 4 Paws, directly or indirectly, disclose, communicate, or make accessible to any person or entity, or otherwise utilize in any fashion, any Confidential Information, unless and except otherwise required by law, including but not limited to such information as I may encounter in accordance with my assigned volunteer duties or responsibilities with 4 Paws or that I may incidentally encounter while volunteering with 4 Paws. Further, I shall not seek or obtain access to any Confidential Information for which I have not been authorized during my time volunteering with 4 Paws. “Confidential Information” is defined as all information concerning 4 Paws or its Clients, Volunteers or Donors that is not generally known to the public, including without limitation, trade secrets, business plans, marketing plans, selling and marketing strategies, business applications, service development information, business strategies, strategies for new services, financial information, pricing structures, techniques used in breeding, training, raising, and placing Service Dogs, the names and contact information of Clients, Volunteers, Donors or Prospective Clients, Volunteers or Donors including but not limited to Client, Volunteer, or Donor lists, Client or Volunteer contracts, proposed contracts for Clients or Prospective Clients, and any other information which I receive or have access to while volunteering with 4 Paws that 4 Paws does not share with the general public.  I agree that I shall upon the conclusion of my volunteer relationship with 4 Paws return any and all materials containing Confidential Information and surrender access to any and all its systems or social media platforms, if applicable. These confidentiality obligations shall remain in full force and effect during and after my volunteer involvement with 4 Paws.  

Release of Liability:

I understand and acknowledge that there are risks in participating with 4 Paws, and release and hold harmless 4 Paws, its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents, from any liability regarding any injury, illness, damage, etc., that might occur to me while at the 4 Paws For Ability, Inc. Training Center (207 Dayton Ave, Xenia, Ohio 45385), The Ability Center (205 Dayton Ave, Xenia OH 45385), the surrounding grounds and other buildings, or otherwise participating in 4 Paws activities (tracking outings, socialization work in public, volunteering, etc.) . This includes, but is not limited to, injury resulting from the use of the trampolines, bikes, steps, playground equipment, or any other recreational equipment used while at the facility. This includes any injury related to handling or interacting with the dogs; including bites and/or scratches. I recognize that by interacting with dogs I am exposing myself to pathogens common in a kennel environment and these may be possibly transmitted to people through exposure to fecal matter.  

I understand the importance of cleanliness before and after interacting with dogs and/or taking part in 4 Paws activities, and I agree to practice good social hygiene while participating with 4 Paws, including that I will not report to volunteer if I have symptoms of inflection (including fever, cough, sneezing, etc.), or have been diagnosed with, a communicable disease or virus (including by not limited to common cold, Influenza, COVID-19 etc.). 

I understand and agree that I am responsible for all medical bills and/or other expenses resulting from injury or illness while on grounds at 4 Paws For Ability, Inc., in any of the above mentioned areas and/or any other injury or illness occurring during the time the participant is part of the 4 Paws program on or off 4 Paws property. If I need to seek out medical care or first aid, I will notify my coordinator/manager/trainer to fill out the necessary associated paperwork.

Failure to follow these health and safety requirements may result in my removal from the program


By signing this volunteer interest form, you are agreeing to all terms in the Consent Form.

After submitting your form, please expect an email from the 4 Paws Volunteer Department within 24 hours. Kindly ensure to check your spam, junk, or other folders in case our email doesn't appear in your inbox.

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